Friday, July 27, 2012

My Life Rocks Via Instagram!

Ok so I love this chick and to show it I'm going to link up with her today.
I don't have instagram anymore thanks to having blackberry for the moment. But I have loads of picture I wanna share from when I did have it.
I will be getting a new phone soon and getting my instagram back I hope, as soon as the money Gods start loving me a little more.

1. She gets it from her momma. 

2. My passion. I love making these bracelets. 

3. He is a napper. 

4. BEST energy drink ever! keeps me going!


Destiny said...

ahaha, nice photo bomb!

and you really have thee prettiest daughter ever!

Thanks for linking up hooker!

Love ya!

Destiny said...

How do I comment back to you once you're replied via email?

but yeah I'm going to keep this hop and I actually retired Blog Stalk Friday...

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