Friday, April 29, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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So we have been trying to sale our house right. Will it seems like no one cares about this place. No one even calls about it anymore and I post on Craig's List like everyday about it. It seems we're never going to get out of here and into a safer place.
So to that I say Fawk you to everyone who doesn't wanna buy our house.

Fawk You to our AC that went out this week. It's hot here in Darlin' County. My baby is sweating in her sleep. ( I did go buy her a window fan, so she's fine now) ACs cost a lot. And we just don't have the money. I just pray something comes out of no where and helps us get it fixed before summer sets in.

Fawk You daughter's bedroom door. I was storing you stroller behind her door, because we just have no where else to put it. So the other day in the mist of her running into and out of her room she closes the door an the stroller falls. With a fallen stroller behind her closed door, she was stuck in her room. The door would only open a few inches. I tried to fit my fat country butt through the few inches, but like I said my fat country butt was fitting. So the hubs pushed on the door until the bottom hinge came right off. My hubby's a strong man! So we got her out safe and sound, but we now have a broken door.

And along with all these things fallen apart in our house, we also have a leaky sink in the guest bathroom.
So FAWK YOU falling apart house that we can't sale.

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