Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Another Royal Wedding Post

I know I'm late, bad blogger me. But I'm sorry I could not drag myself out of the bed at 6am this morning to watch a wedding. Hell I don't think I would get up out of the bed at 6am for my own wedding.
So I watched the repeat on E!. It was such a beautiful wedding. I have never seen a royal British wedding before, so this was my 1st. I have to say their wedding was nothing like weddings down here in the south
Yup we're a little looser down here. And no way do you have to wait for us to start the kissing. LOL.
But this wedding was so pretty. It was making me wanna plan the big wedding I never had. I loved her dress and tiara. I was in love with the house and carriage ride. I wanna ride in a carriage. Kate is such a lucky girl. She came from sure a small life and now she is a princess.
I have been watching the Royal Wedding all morning and I keep pointing to the TV and telling my daughter, "Look it's a princess like on Tangled." LOL. She is even running around saying, "Princess Princess!"
  But as my Facebook status says, " ..... I found my prince. He may not be royal but he's the world to me."
This today just made me think about how much I love my husband. One day we will have our big wedding and it will be royal to me.
Hope everyone enjoyed the wedding. It was a part of history made right in front of us.
Good Luck Will and Kate. May you have many wonderful years together! And never forget how you feel on this day, make it late forever.
Now on to the hats!
Really ladies?! I know the hats are a British thing. But I think this one went a little Gaga. Some were really pretty, like Kate Beckom was so pretty with her baby bump and hate. But please lets not see this Gaga style hat again.

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