Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Dorthy The Tornadoes Hit Near Darlin' Country"

I would like to start this post off by saying that all the families affected by the storms that hit yesterday are in my thoughts and prayers. The storms hit hard yesterday killing over 200 people and leaving so many without homes. They say it was more tornadoes hit the south yesterday than ever.
Being that we living in the mobile home, I was watching the weather like a crazy woman. I let the hubby go to sleep as soon as he got done with dinner because I feared it would be a long night. I layed Skylee down at her normal bed time. I kept at eye on the weather, even when it ment I had to miss my Netflix and watch American Idol ( I hate that show ). Around 9:30pm we were packed and heading out the door to stay the night at my parents house.
There we watched the weather up until around 11pm, praying for all the people and sending out texts to check on everyone.
Now I was never a co-sleeper so me and the little one had a hard night. The hubs slept on the couch after being kicked a billion times by Skylee, leaving the queen size air mattress to us. She rolled around and wanted to play. I would close my eyes and pretend to be a sleep and she would poke at me. It did get sweet when she started getting the "sleeping" me kisses. It was more kisses than she has ever given me willingly.
The thunder started to boom through the house and we could hear the rain pouring. Skylee would jump on top of me every time a crack of thunder came through. But thankfully by the grace of God it passed soon and everything was okay. I finally got Skylee to sleep around 3am and then got the hubs up at 5:30am for work. Then I was up again at 8am with Skylee wanting to play.
I thank God for watching over us and our home. And I pray for those who are dealing with all aftermath today.
On a lighter note, I would like to share how crazy my husband is. He said he something happens to our house and we have to start over, he's going to at least start over with his TV.
This is where we get when storms come through, if we stay at the house at all.
Yes the hubs put the TV in the fort. As you see it's still safe today. Thank you Storm Fort.

Darlin' Mama

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Bevin @ said...

that is so funny about the tv =D

good to hear you're safe!

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