Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Country Fun!

When the weekend hits, it's time to play.
The weather is getting warm and forcing us outside.
Friday night we went to see The Raven.
Omg I loved it. I was a slow movie but I just love Poe.
And there's no where else I would wanna see a movie than the Dirve In.
I love being outside on a summer night. We grilled hotdogs and ate popcorn.
She's already a little tallgater. 
It was a awesome night. 

The next day we went to work and came home just in time to hit the lake. 

Hubs loves to fish. Even though must the time he doesn't catch a damn thing. He just likes being on the lake as much as I do. 
He fishes and I tan. 

We took the dogs with us. Man were they a hand full. 
Next time we shall only take one at a time. 

Wish I would have gotten a better picture of them together. 

What do you like doing on the weekends?

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