Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let the Snark and Bad Words Fly!

Ok I'm not one for Facebook drama. I love seeing it, but being apart of it is not me, normally. 
Now if you come at me, I'm going to make me peace and move on. 
Just like in this old fuck's case. 

Back story. 
I friend of mine bought a bracelet from me. 
I asked her to please take a picture so I could link it to SSCharms' page. 
This dude being the old jerk he is say's this shit. 

I'm sorry I'm doing something I love and your up at night putting down people on facebook. 
I'm sorry your 51 years old and feel the need to put me, a 22 year old down. Aren't you suppose to be the older wiser one here? 

Ok sorry if some people didn't like this post, just thought it was funny.
Hope I gave some of you a laugh. It did me. 

Have you had to deal with stuff like this?


tara said...

Oh wow. Who says stuff like that!!?

Sharisse Lopez said...

He obviously has no life. I think they're cute and if I wore jewelery I'd buy one. Stupid guy. What's he know about fashion anyways?

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