Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Freak Wow 16 & Pregnant

That's right a couple from the 1st season of 16 & Pregnant got arrested. 
Seems Amber and Grey aren't the only ones getting in trouble with the law. 
These two, Eboy and Joshua were arrested the other day after the air force base police called in the long arm of the law. 
Their 2 year old daughter was also taken by the state.
Police say the house was filled with feces, files, and maggots. Three dogs were also taken from the house. 
Not only was the house nasty, but drugs were also found. 

Story from on Yahoo. 
Read full story here <----

OMG people, this is why kids don't need kids. These two were 16 when they had their baby and now they are 19 and out on bond. 
Mtv needs to make a show about this shit. Show kids how it's not cool to not clean your house and do drugs. This pisses me off to no ends. I wanna slap each one of them. I hate to see a child taken from their parents, but in cases like this it might be for the best. Maybe this will be a wake up call. 
Or not. Most don't learn, because they didn't have the chance to learn because they start having sex before they learned right from wrong. Just freaking gross. 

Just to put this out there, I didn't have sex until I was 18 and  out of my parents house. I was smart enough to get myself on birth control until I was ready for a child. People it's not that hard to protect yourself. And it's not that hard to clean your fucking house and not smoke pot. Grow the fuck up America!

Sorry if I got anyone's panties in a wad. 
Maybe you needed your big girl panties on for this post. 

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Krista said...

this happened in like august... they are out of jail and pregnant again :/
which is even scarier. their daughter is still in state care, i think.

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