Monday, April 16, 2012

We are adding to our family.

That's right people. I'm pregnant!!!
with thoughts of a new puppy that is.
Haha fooled you!

Thats right we are going to be getting a new puppy soon.

This all started Saturday. A friend of the in laws were giving away a chihuahua because they didn't spend enough time with it. After hours of begging my husband f this dog he said yes. I was so excited.
The next morning I got a phone call saying they changed their minds. I was heart broken. I had my hopes set so high. I was so mad. The story was they played with her that night and decided to keep her.
Really poor dog doesn't get enough time being loved and you play with her once and decide to keep her.
I even call them myself and offered money.
I still feel bad for the poor baby. I still feel like she is in a house were no one cares about her.
But like in life I can't change everyone.

The hubs saw how heart broke I was and said we could get a new puppy. Even if it cost a little money.
Oh boy I went on a internet hunting spree.
I wanted another small dog. I was really wanting a chihuahua. But the hubs talked me into a bigger dog. He says I already have my little dog.
So we have been looking for pit bull puppies. 
I grow up with pit bulls and I for one know that they can be the sweetest dogs in the world if the right person treats them good. I hate to see people getting these dogs just to fight them and hurt them.

Also we need a bigger dog as a guard dog. So I'm sold. We are going today to look at some puppies.
I' so excited. Wish us the best that we find the right dog for us!


Melissa said...

good luck with your puppy search! my fiance didnt want a dog for the longest time, so i just took it upon myself to find one, buy it and bring it home...he wasnt impressed. that was 3 years ago, and he loves our dog now. sounds like you are taking a more rational route than i did! haha :)

Cole said...

Good luck in finding your new fur-baby!

tara said...

awww!!! yay for puppies!!!!

tara said...

awww!!! yay for puppies!!!!

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