Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Sarg

So I told yall yesterday we were planning on adding to our family.
Well we did and his name is Sarg.
This way the ride home. 

His a Bully Pitbull. 
I thinks that's how you say it. 
He'll grow up to look like a pitbull with a larger chest and shorter legs. 
His 5 weeks old.
My husband picked him out. It's a breed of dog he has been wanting forever. He says I have my dream dog, now he has his. 

They are just too stinkin cute together. 
He now has a napping buddy. 

This was Sookie and Sarg's 1st meeting. Love at 1st sniff. Of course Sookie had to show him who the queen was around here. She kinda kicked his butt. 

And of course like bring any baby home for the 1st night. The hubs slept away while I was up must the night taking care of the baby. 
I'm so tired today. 
He started off in the crate. He slept for about a hour then woke up crying. I but him in the bed with us, only for him to pee in the bed. Just freaking great. I changed the sheets and put him back in the create with some food.
He was okay until about 6am. Then he wouldn't shut up. I moved the crate from our room into the living room and turned the tv on. No luck still wasn't having it.
I finally took him into the kitchen and blocked the door way. 
That lasted ok until 9am. 

His a mess, but his so darn cute. 
The hubs told me he would clean up after him so he doesn't know it yet, but his mopping the floors tonight. 


king riderz said...

Too cute girl! Love bring home puppy haha jus like a baby :)

Cole said...

What a cute little guy!

tara said...

Omg!! How cute!!!!

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