Friday, November 25, 2011

1st Trip to Chucky Cheese

Last weekend we were invited to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese. 
There was free pizza, cake, and drinks, hell yea we'll be there. 
I wish I had more picture but my phone died the min we walked in, just my luck. 
But we did get this cute family photo for one one token!
Skylee had do much fun. She thought she had found the promise land. 
She ran and played and jumped and yelled and all that jazz. 
She had a blast and I'm even thinking about taking her back soon. 
She wasn't too thrilled with the guy in the mouse suit, she said she could live without all that. 
Here are some picture from the party :
wow I look like shit.
She was upset when we made her set down so we could sing happy birthday.

Just an extra laugh :
This is how she looks when people sing happy birthday, no matter who's birthday it is. 

Happy Friday peoples!!! 

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RAY J said...

We took Jay to Chuck E Cheese for the 1st time last week too! My college roommate who lives in Dallas now was up here for the holiday with her fiance and he really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese and requested to use my kid as his excuse so he didn't feel weird going without a kid, lol...

It was pretty fun though! Jay LOVED the Bob the Builder ride-on car they had - I think we spent soooo many tokens on that ride, lol...

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