Thursday, July 7, 2011

When You're Burnt Out it's Time for a Change.

Okay my loveys! I'm in need of a change. I am working toward my dreams and this blog is part of it. My dream is to become a writer. Weather it be columnist, famous blogger, or book writer. ( I'm trying them all out). I love mommy blogging, but it's not getting me where I wanna be. I will be be talking about my family because face it there my life. But I believe this blog will be making a turn towards beauty. Not just any beauty that is. I wanna show the world different kinds of beauty. I want to show y'all what I find beautiful. Weather it be make-up, hair, photography, clothes, jewelry, tattoos, and so on.
Bare with me as I make this change.
And I would like to remind you that I'm still writing my book. Dreams From My Pen is still up and going. Even the story I'm writing may be under going a title change.
Thank you all for being here and helping me through the many changes I have been making in my life.
I give you all big, wet, sloppy kisses!

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