Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plug Those Ears. All about Stretched Ears.

I wanna share my newest thing, plugs. Not ear plugs that go on the inside of your ears, but the ones that are worn as ear rings. The rock community started this trend, but it's slowly working it's way out into the main stream world.
Stretching as it's called is everywhere now. I have been working on stretching my ears. Right now I am at a 8g. I was at 14g then when to 10g and now I'm at 8g. I'm hoping to move my way up to about 4g or 0g.

Even the famous teen mom Maci Bookout as stretched ears.

 I find them so cool. I don't really like the huge stretched ears, but I do respect people who decide they want them that big.

What do you think about stretched ears?

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Lindsay said...

hi, new follower from MBC. hope you can stop by my blog when you get a chance. have a great day! :)

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