Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NO Justice for Caylee Anthony.

This poor little girl got no justice. Someone killed her and I believe her killer just got let lose. All the evidence was there in their face. And still they let her go free.
I believe where here not to judge that's not our job, but someone killed that baby. As a mother of a baby girl myself, this makes my sick to my stomach. The baby had duct tape on her mouth. Someone put it there, it just didn't happen by itself. Casey Anthony was googling about chloroform. Why would she need to do that?
And the story was she drowned in the pool right? Then who is getting charged with child abuse? No one. That wouldn't happen here in Georgia. Let your child fell and get a cut on their leg and see is DEFCS ain't all over your ass. Her baby drown in a pool ( so they say) why isn't she getting charged with child abuse? I guess I should move to Florida and get away with murder too.
SO much was wrong with that trail. If she didn't do it, then why didn't she get on the stand? She claimed her dad made her cover up the drowning. He said he didn't have anything to do with it. So how did the jury come to a end in the case. We still don't know what happen.
We do know that baby is dead and someone did it.
But it seems that we'll never know now. Way to go Florida, you did a awesome job of letting a killer go!

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