Friday, July 22, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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Fawk you weird snot stuff in my nose. I hate you for going down my throat and making it hurt.
That's right I'm sick. The world must stop now and baby me. Okay I'm not that bad. I am woman and face it men, we are stronger than you. There for I will be strong during this sickness. Even though I wanna curl up on the couch and eat warm soup and sleep.
But I'm also a mommy and that shit ain't happening in this house. As we speak I don't know where my little one is because she is always on the go. I could try to tell her mommy doesn't feel good and she needs to rest, but we all know that would go in one ear and out the other.
I miss being in my moms house. I miss her babying me when I was sick. I would sleep in her bed with her and she would let me stay up late and watch tv with her, because I slept all day. I miss my moms chicken noodle soup, and yes I did know it was out of the can, it was just always better when mom made it.
Okay back to my bitching. I feel like crap. Our house looks like crap. My toddler is running around looking like a shaggy haired country bunken.
So big ol' Fawk you germs that I most likely caught from my hubs, because his the only one who really leaves the house. I love the hubs but he kinda a walking germ factory. I tell him it's safer to stay home and not deal with the world and their yucky germs. I fear Skylee going to school. I'll probably stay sick all the time then. Stupid world and all your germs, please keep them to yourself.
I'm off the drink some meds and watch cartoons with my dirty bunken.
Happy Fawk You  Friday Everyone!

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CinfulCinnamon said...

Hey there. Sorry you are feeling crappy. I'm a new follower. Stopped over from FYF....Hope you feel better.

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