Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google+ VS. Facebook

So I guess everyone has heard of Google+ by now. I'm signed up go friend me or whatever Google whats to call it.
I'm not sure really what to think about it yet. I only have two friends on there right now. I guess it will get better as more people join. kinda bummed about it though. Just like we thought no one would leave myspace for facebook. It will happen. Facebook will become like the wild west with tumble weeds. And Google+ will become all the shit. It's just the way it works. We all cling to the newest thing.
It sucks because I have like a billion pictures on facebook that I'm guessing I'll have to save somewhere else so I won't lose them all.
Just seems like a lot of work to change social media sites. I'm one of those lazy people who wants to link all my site together. You know post one on and it shows up on all of them. But right now Google+ isn't giving me that option. My inner lazy person doesn't wanna go through that hassle of posting something twice.
I can send my picture from my phone right to facebook for everyone to see. I would hate to have to sent the same picture twice just some the people on facebook and Google+ and see it.

So Google+ heres the thing, I need you to let me link to facebook, post and pictures would be nice. Just until everyone hopes on the Google+ bandwagon. Please listen to me because I know I'm not the only lazy person out there who hates posting the same thing twice.
Do the lazy world a favor Google.

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