Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

So after 4 days of packing I'm almost done. We go and sign the lease on the house today at 4pm. I'm super excited. After all we have been through I will feel better once our name is on the lease. Then I know its ours. Our current house is such a mess and has been for the past 4 days. I haven't had to clean anything other than the dishes and bathrooms. The floors look like they haven't been mopped in ages. The task of cleaning will happen tomorrow. When start moving stuff today, thank God. We are down to trails that go through the house between the boxes and bags. It's all driving my OCD bat crazy!
The hubs has been repainting our chester drawers.

This is our finished dresser. It matches our room now. Our bed set is dark purple. And we have a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff in the room, so this matches perfectly.
And this one of Skylee's. It's going to go great with her Dora/Barney room. I'm hoping by Christmas To get her a Dora Bed set and some more barney stuff.
I think the hubs did a wonderful job. Even though he gave me crap about going out and doing it. He had fun with the 1st one, but by the 2nd one the fun had worn off. LOL.
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

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