Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not." Kurt Cobain

After changing my layout and all yesterday I saw that I lost a follow. I hate losing follows I love you all. But if I guess they didn't like my layout of something.
Yes it's the inside of a pin up girl. I like it. I like a lot of different things. I'm not just a mommy and wife. I have always liked weird things. I love some good rock music. I like older rock music, some of this new stuff is crap. I love tattoos. I have two right now and if I come across some money I will be getting more.
Right now I'm zombies, hint why I'm writing a zombie story How Much Do You Love Her?. But I have to say vampire are still my all time favorite. If I had to be one I would be a vampire. They have cool powers and can control people. Who won't wanna control the world? LOL.
If I had a choice of what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say a pin up girl who travels the world for shoots.
As a teenager I was really into goth. Thank God I grow out of that. LOL. Now I really love the pin up rockabilly look. If I thought it would look good on me I would cut my hair in a Betty Page style, me and hub love her.
Yes that would be a tattooed Betty Page on our living room wall right behind the TV that is showing Dora. LOL.
If Who I am offends anyone than feel free to stop following me and reading my blog.
But I hope you all love me for who I am and stick around!


Ashley said...

Oooh I frickin love your new design and the concept. And the peak into your life! I have been feeling lately like blogging is SO phony and everyone acts so perfect and nice. I love to see your wild side girl! And screw the lost follower. I remember being bummed when that used to happen to me and now it happens all the time. Whatever!

A Better Balance said...

I love the layout. I didn't see the old one- but I was browsing blogs and stopped to read yours *because* of the banner at the top! It's a great look and, if expressing a little personality sends someone away, did you really want them reading?

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