Friday, June 24, 2011

Have You Seen my Mind?

Slowly but surly I'm losing my mind. I feel it slipping away. I can't remember anything now days. I forget sippy cup when we leave the house. I forget stuff at the store. I can be doing something and then forget and I won't remember, ever. Still to this day I'm wondering where I put the printer paper a week ago. I have looked every where. Lately I have even forgot to shave my legs. And I won't remember until I have already put on my shorts and left the house. Gross I know I hate it, but it's because I'm losing my mind.
My mother was always forgetful. I wonder if this runs in the family. Maybe I should started looking into it. It's scary when you forget to shave your legs. Skylee gets mad when I forget her juice. The hubs is always on to me for saying, sory I forgot today or turn around I forgot yadda yadda at the house.
I'm suppose to be writing a book. But I can't remember it must the time. I'll be thinking of what will happen next in the story and then forget it. I turn to write things down, but I'm not always next to a pen and paper. I do make a lot of lists. If I went shopping without a list, I'd bet I would forget half the things we really needed.

How do you remember things?

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TJ @ said...

Hate to break it to you, lol, but that comes with being a mom. Lack of sleep deprives your brain cells. :-) I typically remember things just by writing them down. For me it's especially worse now because I have a 1-year-old and I'm pregnant. Lol. :-) Good luck!

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