Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girls Driving Me to Drink

Last night we went out to eat with the in-laws. The night started off bad. I forgot Skylee's cup at the house, so we came back to get it. I gave her some tea because we were out of juice. Nope she wasn't happy. She wanted coke or " co co" as she says. We started letting her get some of our coke when she was being good. It turned into every time we got in the car. We get in the car a lot. Now she thinks she suppose to get ti all the time when she asks.
She throw a fit about not getting any coke. I declared that she wouldn't get anymore until she learned that coke is a treat not a everyday thing. Even though that might take five years from now, oh well. I always said I would never let my child drink soda. It's bad for them I said. Now look at me. Handing her coke every time she cries. But that stops here.
So we got to the restaurant and got seated. She started crying again. She didn't want to set in the high chair. So I let her seat with me until the food came. After all this I had to order a drink. Yep that's right a nice strong, very large, drink. The food came and I put her back in the high chair. She was okay for a second. Then She wanted out again. She started standing up in her chair and crying very loudly. I also said I would never be the ones with the crying baby at the table getting on everyone's nervous. But look at me now. I have a toddler standing up in her highchair screaming at the top of her lungs.
The hubs says maybe she doesn't like the highchair, well no shit she doesn't. So I grab a normal chair the table near by and let her set in the big girl chair. That was cool for a minute. Then she saw that she could get out of it.
Half way through my drink I started not to care. Good thing we were in the corner of the restaurant, because she was up and walking around the whole time we ate. She didn't leave our little area, but the only way she was happy was up and walking.
It's getting to the point I don't wanna take my little monster out of the house. She acts up everywhere. Just typing this makes me feel bad. I love her to death and I just want her to act right.

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