Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fingers and Toes and Everything Crossed

So yep we found our dreams house.
Let me back up. So we close on our house Friday. Yep that's right we finally have a serious buyer, thank God. So we went out yesterday looking at houses. Mostly everything in the town we wanted were those "need love" homes. I sorry but I'm not a handy person and I really don't wanna work on a house we don't own and are going to stay in forever. Nothing worse than making something look all pretty and then moving a year later or something.
So then we went into another little town and found The One! Oh I wish I would have took pictures for you guys but I was so excited that it didn't even cross my mind. It is everything we want down to the tee.
  • Hard wood floors though out
  • a big kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • lots of closets
  • fenced in backyard with a deck
  • full awesome basement
  • lots of parking
  • in our price range
It's just amazing. My heart fulled with so much joy when I walked into this house. It just had happy vibe all over it.
So last night we dug out all the things we need to finish the application. We emailed it in and now we are waiting.
I hardly slept last night for worrying about the house. And of course planning what it's going to look like when I;m done with it.
Gosh I'm praying so hard about this house. I so hope we hear something soon about it.


my abc soup said...

I'll be praying for you! How exciting. I know that feeling with the house. My hubs would laugh at me because I would walk in a house and know it just didn't have the feeling, so we went from house to house so that I could get "the feeling." haha. Can't wait to see pics!

Bevin @ allisbright.com said...

That is so exciting! I hope you guys get it.

Ashley said...

Awesome Nik!! Keep us posted!

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