Friday, June 10, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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There's always a Fawk You Friday when you need one. And this week I needed one more than ever.
I would like to throw a big old sucking monkey balls fawk you to a man named Paul. I won't give a last name because I don't wanna be sued or something.
But yea Fawk You Paul. You suck at your job.
This man is suppose to be selling our house. But for the life of him he can't seem to "keep in touch" with the buyers. Hell he can't even fawking be man enough to call us back when we get mad because he hasn't called us in a week. He can't even return a text message! Really man grow the fawk up!
So Monday we were told that we were closing Friday (today) to go find a house they wanted us as soon as possible. So we did. We found our dream home and even got it. But now we're going to lose it because this ass can't hold up his half of the shit. The hubs called him yesterday, he would have never called us, and he told hubs that he can't get in touch with the buyer. Really this has happened twice now.
I have prayed so hard that all this would work out. Moving out of this town would help us so much. We would be saving loads on gas. Our dream house was in walking distance from the mall where I could get a job. Everything was perfect. But this ass can't do his damn job.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. But it hurt so much to get my hopes up and fall in love with that house that when I heard he "couldn't get in touch" with the buyer I locked myself in the bedroom I cried. It hurt so bad. I hate being in limbo. Not knowing when we are going to move or stay and not know anything because this ass can't even return a call.

If you're in Georgia and a man named Paul says he can sale your house in a week, slam the door in his face.

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Mad Mind said...

In this economy he must just be lazy. If you have a real sale, there should be no delay. How can he not be able to get in touch with them? Really? I hope you catch a break with this.

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