Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on the Home Selling Front

Well after that old bubble popping Lady, it seemed we were never going to sale this place. We went weeks of posting it up on It seemed no one want this place even if we gave it away. Which is what is felt like after we dropped our price twice.
Then we had a call. A man named Paul said he could sale our home for what we wanted and he was sure of it. He came by on a Thursday and took picture and said he was so sure he could have it sold by Monday. We signed a contract saying that we wouldn't sale it to anyone that didn't go through him, I thought sure, if you can sale it then more power to ya cause I'm given up.
The weekend rolled around and a lady came by, I didn't catch her name, she took pictures and said how she loved our red walls in the living room. She said Paul would be in touch with us, smiled, and left.
The weekend came and went. Monday rolled around and nothing from Paul. We waited all day. Side note, the hubs and I aren't good at waiting around. It drives us crazy. So we call him. We get the voice mail. We leave a message and wait another day. By Tuesday we had called at least six of seven times. Okay, I know that sounds crazy, but we really wanna sale our place and get this move over with. It's been haunting us. By Tuesday night his voice mail was full ( hopefully  not by us ). We were getting worried. Was he just part of some kind of scam. He didn't have anything of ours. We hadn't paid him anything. That would be a stupid scam.
Then Wednesday morning he called. He said his son had been in a car accident and he was just a little behind. Can you say OMG I was feeling bad. I had thought he was a scam and come to find out his son was hurt. Who was feeling down in the dumps, I was. Along with that he said the lady who came by wanted to by the place. He was behind in some other houses he was selling and that ( here comes the big news! ) have a check by next week!
He didn't say what day next week. And we are trying not to get our hopes up, for they have been shot down way to many times about this house. We are just praying that everything works out like God wants it to.

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Ashley said...

I was thinking about you and wondering what was going on. Any news?

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