Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby's 1st Sentence

That's right, Skylee said her 1st sentence last night.
She said, " night night dada."
It happened last night as I was carry her off to her bedroom. Scotty said, " Good Night Skylee." and looked over my shoulder and said, "night night dada."
 It was so cute. I was in utter shock. Where did she learn to do that? She is growing up to darn fast.

It seems like just a few months ago I was taking this picture in the hospital as she slept. She was so tiny. She was so sweet. Now, now she's something else. She walks and feeds herself, and now she is saying sentences. What next? Is she going to be dressing herself? That I might now mind too bad.
I'm so tore about her growing up. Scotty isn't, he likes that she's getting older. Which I understand his side. She is now more fun to him. They can now play together. Before it was mostly all mommy time. When they get older they turn to the dark side and become daddy girls.
I don't miss the bottles or 2 am feedings. I don't miss the heavy carrier or keeping up with passies.
I do miss the 2 naps a day. I do miss the little cute clothes and tiny diapers that looked so darn cute. I do miss rocking her to sleep and holding her while she slept.
Gosh I feel so old. It's true having kids makes you feel old. Not just the fact that you're tired all the time. But the older they get the older you feel/get. I'm 21 years old and I feel 35.
My baby said a sentence. My baby is growing up. My baby is no longer my baby, she's a toddler. 

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