Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby's 1st Camping Trip

So Friday afternoon we headed for Lake Oconee. We stayed at Old Salem Campgrounds. Skylee seemed really excited when we started putting our tent up.
She loved running in and out of it and jumping on the air mattresses. She loves being outside so I knew she would love being out all day camping.
We walked around the woods and checked the place out. It was so pretty.
This was the view from our tent. That's the lake through those trees. That night we sat by the lake and fished. We had pork chops on the grill with baked beans. Skylee got to see a catfish up close and a frog, all catch by Scotty's dad.
The next morning was a little different. We got up and headed to town to by more bait and stuff. When we got back Skylee was getting kinda cranky. She did get up way before her normal time. She wanted everyone to hold her and carry her around, which wasn't happening.
This would be here through herself on the ground and screaming. She fell once and I picked her and to clean her off, so she thought she would throw herself down again. She did this for about a hour.
I figured if she wanted to lay down I would at least make her comfy. Poor baby layed down and fell asleep out in the open. She slept like this for about two hours.
Scotty cooked us breakfast on the grill. I love eating outside for some reason so this was awesome. Nothing like bacon, eggs, and grits all cooked on an open grill.
She slept right through breakfast.

Once she wake up she was off and going. She played ball and feed ducks.

it was a pretty good Saturday.
She loved that tent and so did daddy.

This is a egg Scotty found just laying out in a patch of grass all alone.

I craved mine and Scotty's letters into one of the tables. It's hard to see but it says," N & S 4 eva."

We ended the night setting by the fire and making smores.
Skylee was such a good sleeper while camping. I thought she would have been hell on two tiny feet when it ncame to night time. But she wasn't both nights she fell right asleep. On the 2nd night she even slept on her own air mattress.
Sunday morning I got a smile out of her.
The only down side of the weekend was that Skylee has a little fever and we found a tick on her shoulder Sunday morning. She ran a small fever all Sunday, but today it seems to be gone. And believe me the tick scared the crap out of me. I was home googling Lyme disease., but I'm sure now she's in the clear. LOL.
If you're ever looking for a place to camp in Georgia, Old Salem Campground is awesome. They had a beach. but it wasn't quit beach weather yet, maybe next time.

Darlin' Mama.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a success for a first time camper! That tick would freak me out a little too. xoxo

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