Monday, April 11, 2011

The Warm Weather is Here in the Darlin' Country

As you can see, we are wearing our short sleeves and skirts in Georgia. OMG she looks so cute setting on our front steps like a young lady. It's super warm here now. It was in the high 80s yesterday and has been like that all weekend. So we took advantage of the weather and had some awesome outdoor time. Even went fishing ( that story coming tomorrow ).
We are thrilled about this weather. It maybe getting hot fast, but I'm welcoming it. After the winter we had and the ice storms, this is awesome. I love wearing shorts and flip flops. Oh the flip flops. I have 5 pair last year, but somehow lost all but 2 pair during the winter. So as soon as Wal-Mart puts their flip flops out I'm getting a pair in every color.
Along with the warm weather, Skylee got a play set. My mom bought it for her and it's now in our small front yard. I don't think I'm going to get my dream backyard anytime soon. But she loves this thing. She goes in the little door on one side and climbs up to the slide and goes "weeeeeee" as she's sliding down. It's so cute how much fun she has playing on it.
Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather. There's is some bad weather and coming this way tonight. And with it it's bring back some cold temps, which sucks.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hope this Monday isn't so bad.

Darlin' Mama


stash mama said...

She's too cute!!

Anonymous said...

She is "Darlin'" =)

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