Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our House is Now FOR SALE

The hubs and I have been talking about moving. There are many reason we feel we kinda need to. One, we are paying over $100 a month in gas for the hubs to get to work everyday. Two, we're not to happy with the area we live in. Three, all these storms that's been coming through have scared us and we want something that makes us feel safer.
It wasn't a big thing until yesterday. We started looking at places to rent closer to his job. We own our house/mobile home now. But we wanna rent for now so we can build our credit and we just aren't ready for another big commitment. And with all that, our house is now for sale.
$6,000 or best offer. We put up a post at the community board and a post on CraigsList.org. Check it out. If your wanna living in the Conyers area pf Georgia let me know.
I'm kinda scared about all this. It's really the unknown that freaks me out. I don't like not knowing when we'll sale and where we'll go from there. I don't really wanna move closer to the city. I hate the sound of the air planes and traffic. But we will be saving a load on gas money.
I'm trying to look at it like a new start. The hubs and I have had our problems. And maybe this will be like a new start for us. I'm crossing me fingers. I hope we can get moved before the holidays. I would hate to have the stress of holidays and moving on my back.
Wish us luck with all this. It's just a new journey for our little family.

Darlin' Mama

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