Friday, April 8, 2011

No Go to the Going in the Potty

Well I just hate to report this, but it feels like a must. We are taking a break from potty training. After 3 weeks of nothing happening, I give in. I don't give up, just in, for now.
I think I was training her before she was ready. I believe I was more ready than she was. She loved setting on the potty and reading books and playing potty games. She loved naked time and wearing big girl panties. But she just didn't seem to care if she wet herself or pooped in her panties. So here it was more that she liked the idea of potty, but didn't really care if she used the potty or not.
So here we are back to square one. I have all this potty stuff, cloth panties, and pull ups, and books, and travel potty seats, ect. But I come to feel okay with being back to square one. She is only 20 months old. She is still a baby. I understand some kids potty train early and some are a little later. I just have a late bloomer.  But she is still my baby flower and she will bloom when she feels she wants to.
So lesson learned. You can't rush growing up. You can't always be the ruler of your child life. Yea we get to tell them when to go to bed and when to take a bath and what not. But when it comes to growing and developing, we have no control of that at all. Only your child and God know when they are ready to bloom into beautiful roses.
I'm okay will Skylee being a baby a bit longer. She is my one and probably only. I want to keep her a small baby as long as possible.  Yea I might hate this stinky diapers that her daddy always seem to pawn off on me. But I love to see her run around in nothing but I diaper. And it getting summer time, that will be happening a lot. LOL.
So until she is ready, I can wait. She is only young once.


Short Leg Lucy said...

hard lesson :( I'm nervous for when we start potty training =/

Kenda said...

New follower from TopMommyBlogs - come by and say hello!

Ashley said...

20 months is so young, I think you did good by giving it a shot but it took our son until he turned 3. I think you have a good attitude to enjoy them being little, they grow too fast!

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