Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Comment War, really Grow Up!

Ok so I'm not on to keep drama going. And I hate people who do. And posting crap all over facebook because I guess they think their so bad ass that they can do that. I find it really childish. Like really is that what high school kids are doing these days, bad mouthing classmates and what not. Then why is a grown woman/women doing it.
So yea put your business out on facebook where I could see it. I commented like the sweet little southern belle I am , " Bless your heart. " LOL. Then you cuss me. Really these women need to grow up. Then they wanna comment on my page about being the bigger person.
One thing cussing me is not being the bigger person. I did what the bigger person would have don't and I deleted the drama from my page and hopefully my life.
I don't like drama. I left drama back in high school where I belongs. Well and in the army with all the other drama mama army wives. I have been working hard to simplify my life. Cutting out the drama and stress wherever I can.
I feel I am only young once. My daughter is only this small and cute once. My hubby is not going to be this hot and buff forever. ( LOL ok he is LOL I love him ) So why worry about the little things like some crayon marking on the table or someone wanting to cuss me on facebook. Life is just too short. I mean come on those who think the world is going to end in 2012. I wonderful if those people are living it up right now.
But I know I'm off to live my life to the fullest and enjoy my happy little family while I have them here in this moment.

Okay i know that was all a ramble, but that's how I write best.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.
How are you trying to simplify your life?

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Ashley said...

I hate that kind of petty crap, you are smart to not let it get to you and to be a bigger person!

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