Friday, April 15, 2011

Just About NOT Sold

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I wasn't even going to do a F-U Friday post this week. Everything seemed to be going so well. We were about to close on our house and more closer to the hubs job and save gas and have a big fenced in backyard and a extra room for whatever reason and blah blah. And then that horrible person called me back. Okay she's not horrible but she sure did pop my happy bubble.
So to that I say Fawk You happy bubble popper!!!!
So the story is, We were selling our house to this nice old lady. We were even helping her get in by taking money out of the $4000 she was giving us for the house to help pay her 1st month rent. I thought, hey she needs the help. I don't mind helping if someone needs it and I'll be doing a good thing. Everything was set to go down. We had houses to go look at this weekend and everything!
Then this morning I call the nice old lady and she tells me, oh she's sorry but she just had lunch with her friend and her friend was all we won't be able to have lunch anymore because you're moving. So right there changed the "nice" old lady's mind about buying. She doesn't wanna move 30mins from where she lives now.
So there for that horrible happy bubble popper of a "nice" old lady ruined my Friday! Hell she ruined my whole month!
Then after that when down. I call the hubs to tell him and we get into a fight about selling the house. So not only did she pop my happy bubble by not buying our house, she caused me and hubs to fight. NOT COOL!
But we have come to the decision to put the house back out there on the market and just wait. No stressing, no dead lines, nothing just waiting.
SO here we are back at square one. Waiting.


TexaGermaNadian said...

Flaky! Well that's a shame. Best of luck trying to sell it again. I am sure something will come through :)

Not a Perfect Mom said...

what a crazy old lady...I can't believe she would fink out on you guys...

Ashley said...

What a bummer!!

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