Friday, March 25, 2011

Darlin Review : Glade Candl Sparkle of Spring

Spring is here and so are all it's wonderful scents. As we are doing our spring cleaning we also want our homes to smell like spring. And one way to do that is with Glade's limited edition Spring Collection. You can get it in plug ins, air sprays, and, like I did, candles.
Glade Spring Collection Candles come in three different scents; Bring on the Blossoms, Jump for Joy, and Sparkle of Spring. I was lucky enough to get to try out Sparkle of Spring in my home. Sparkle of Spring is a mix of zesty lime, ginger, and vanilla. Unlike most candles that you can only smell when you're right up on it, you can smell this one through out the room. The zesty lime gives the ginger and vanilla a awesome twist.
I really love this candle.
I love it so much I want y'all to love it to. Go over to  and get your Glade coupons, so you can try out this awesome new collection.

I was given a free candle for this review thanks to buzzagent. All opinions like always are all mine.


Alison said...

The candle sounds great. I did get some of the new airfresheners from glade. love the new scents and packaging.

~Alfie~ said...

Hi! Following you from MBC. Enjoyed this review! Please stop by when you have a moment.

momof2 said...

Nice job on your review! I am a rare candle (that smells) user though ... it must be very mild.

New to following you from MBC!

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