Monday, February 28, 2011

My Love Letter


Our love started off young and not sure. Just hearing your voice I knew I wanted to meet you. You told me you loved me and I knew I wanted to marry you.

You put a ring on my finger and I knew my life was complete. 09-01-09 was the best day of my life. You made me, as clique as it sounds, the happiest girl alive.

For the rest of my life I'll know you were my one true love. The one who loves me above all others. They one who protects me and helps me through life. We have been through some hard times and come out alive. I am still very sorry for the pain I have caused you in the past, but I know as we go forward in life that I can make your life happier and full of joy.

The army took you away for a very long year of my life. I missed you with all my heart.

But in the time you were gone, I gave birth to our little blessing. A daddy's girl from the beginning. She is a living, breathing proof of our love. She loves you more than anyone.

Our family might be young, but that just shows that we have some many years of happiest together. Forever and always, to death and back. I love you Scotty D. Fleming more than the stars and heavens.

Your Love, Baby Girl.

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