Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

Sunday we took a trip up to the Atlanta Zoo. It was Skylee's 1st trip and I think she loved it. She was a little scared at 1st. I don't blame her, there are some big animals there.

This was the 1st picture of the day. This birds scared the crap out of her.

She really liked the loins. When she saw them she started yelling " kitty kitty kitty kitty!!!" at the top of her lungs.

I think she would have petted the rhino if she could have got to it.
These are the Atlanta Zoo's special pandas. This is the mommy panda and the newest baby panda Po. Yes they named it Po after the Jack Black movie Kung Fu Panda. Lets not forget that the 1st baby panda born in Atlanta Zoo was named Mulan.

So through out the whole Zoo Skylee was getting mad because the animals wouldn't come to her so she could pet them. We got to the petting zoo part of the zoo and she was freaked out. At least this goat was happy to see us.

Then came the big rides! Haha! I could have swore she would love the Merry-Go-Round. And she did, as long as it wasn't moving. We got two circles made before she freaked out. She did like the train though.

So that was our Zoo Trip 2011. I plan to go back every year. I just love the place. I think I was more excited that anyone. And I'll be just as excited next year.

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