Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Make-Over on the Way

We moved into our house a year ago. I bought all the stuff and was so excited about making our house look so pretty, on the inside. I didn't worry much about the outside because last year we were spending a lot of time inside. Skylee wasn't even crawling when we moved in, so all I cared about was making in the inside pretty and safe and homey. Now a year later she is walking, running, and climbing. She loves being out doors, so this year I wanna make the outside just as pretty and safe as the inside.
Our front porch is a awesome hang out area. When we bought the house the porch seemed like it was perfect.

It has this really thick, hard kinda plastic around it. It was good last year with my fear of bugs getting to my little baby. But this year I'm feeling different. During the summer inside that plastic is super hot. It isn't sealed at the top so rain still gets in. It's just not as perfect as I thought it was.
So very soon that plastic is coming down. I have big plans for that porch and that plastic is no where near what my little head is dreaming up. I want wind chimes and comfy chairs.
Then the back yard isn't much, but I want it to be a place for Skylee to run and play freely. Where we live we can't fence in our yard. But they never said anything about flower bedding it in.
Sorry for the shadow, this is a crappy picture. But it shows were I wanna put a flower bed. Right along the side from the end of the house to the start of the wood line.

This would be how I want it. This would be on both sides of the house. Each flower bed would be about a foot deep so Skylee couldn't easily climb over it. Then I want to add some chairs and a play set for Skylee. I was looking at Toys R Us and found this one I really like.

I believe she will love this. She loves to slide and drive. And we'll add more over time.
So as you see I have a lot to do before spring gets here. We also have to pusher wash the house and cut back some of those trees at the wood line. I just want nice areas for people to hang out and Skylee to play.
Hope everyone has a awesome weekend.
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Ashley said...

My kids would freak over that bus! That's awesome. I love your little flower drawing too. haha. That porch is going to be beautiful.

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