Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Which Comes 1st : The Spoon or the Fork?

We have been learning to use our eating utensils. She started showing interests in using them a little after she turned a year old. So I started just giving her a spoon and fork with her meals, just to see if she would use them. ( Toddler spoon and fork of course). She took to the fork right away. She got the stabbing down pat. So at 16 months I can say we have mastered the fork. 

Now this spoon guy is another story. She tries bless her little heart. She just can't get the scooping motion do pat. She justs so mad at it. If the food doesn't stick to the spoon she would starve. She starts off trying to to scoop, then going into stabbing, then just cries and hands me the spoon.
We're still trying. I keep telling her it's going to take time. I give her pep talks, and hug her when she gets too mad at the spoon. And sometimes I can't help but to laugh at her tries. She'll make the funniest faces. So we'll keep trying and soon we will have this spoon mastered as well.
When did your little one start using a spoon and fork?
Any tips on how to help her get the hang of it better?

Nikki Darlin'

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Ha so cute! Thats awesome she has the fork mastered. My 3 year old still has spoon issues so I'm not sure when they get good at that!

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