Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whatcha Sat Wednesday

1.  What was your funniest Christmas memory from this year?
Our daughter at my mother's Christmas eve party when she got a stuff white tiger. She looked just like the little girl from Despicable Me. You know when the little girls gets the stuffed unicorn and yells " It's so fluffy!!!!" Skylee was running around yelling in her baby babble holding her tiger up in the air.

2.  What was your favorite board game as a kid?
CandyLand hands down!

3. If you could go on a date with one celebrity – if they’re currently married or you are let’s pretend you’re both single – who would it be and why?

I don't think there's any male celebrity I like that much. Maybe EDWARD!! LOL! Can I say Megan Fox? I love her!


On Gilligan's Island, how did Ginger have so many different outfits when they were only going on a 3 hour tour?
Girls gotta look good!


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