Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Darlin Review : Cranky Cat Studio, Custom Handcrafted Boutique, Baby - Toddler - Gifts

Cranky Cat Studio offers handmade, high quality, baby and toddler fashions. They offer everything from bibs, blankets, tutus, diaper bags and purses. You get to choose your fabric from a large selection of unique colors and designs. Like they say, " You won't find any pastels here.

I got a really cool toddler bib. I got to choose the fabric, so I choice this really cool pink camo skull design. When I got the bib in the mail it came wrapped in pretty paper, which made me feel really special, really nice touch. 

The bib is really put together really well. The seams are really strong. And Skylee seems to think it's pretty cool too. The back of the bib is really soft and the velcro holding on the back of the bib is really strong as well.
I love Cranky Cat Studio. Their designs are super cool and stylish. If you're looking for something our of the normal for your baby or toddler this is the place to look. Their products are also good for gifts at birthdays and baby showers. Give your baby or friends something that no one will have.
To see more of Cranky Cat Studio visit and "Like" their Facebook Page. If you like to shop on Etsy, their selling there too , Cranky Cat Studio's Etsy.

Nikki Darlin'

(For this review I got a Cranky Cat Studio baby bib for free )

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