Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Hope She Understands One Day

Now tell me does this make me a bad mommy? If it does you can tell me, I surely feel like a bad mommy right now. I'm listening to my, just turned today, 16 month old crying because she's refusing to take a nap. And I'm refusing to get her out of that crib until she does.
I have so much to do today. I'm setting here now with dirty clothes up to my knees, dirty dishes to my elbows, and Lord knows I need a shower. I floors need cleaning, the bathroom need to be bleached like crazy, and the beds need making.
I'm not ready for Christmas, I'm just not. I didn't get everything I wanted to buy. I feel so bad for my hubby. I just did have the time nor money to get him what I wanted to get him. He says it's okay, but it's not. He got me boots, a outfit, and a starbucks mug. ( I haven't wrapped them. I'm wearing them tomorrow.) This really makes me feel down in the dumps because I love giving way more that getting.
And still she cries. She's understand one day that mommy needed time for herself. Even if that time was to clean the house ( and do some blogging).  She'll thank me one day for doing all this. She'll see one day that I'm only going all crazy mad woman because I wanted her to have a good Christmas. Why am I kidding myself. I know she'll never really thank me. I don't think I ever even thanked my mom like she would have liked. I should call her now but I know she's going all crazy mad woman too, trying to made everything perfect for my little sister and Skylee. I do thank her, so I guess in a way I know Skylee will be thankful too one day.
But until then, she's crying and I'm cleaning.
Merry Christmas!

Nikki Darlin'


Toni Tralala said...

AWW! There's always room to teach her what you never experienced with your mother. You can instill values in her. She's your daughter after all. You're not bionic so nobody expects you to juggle all those things at once. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing just fine. ;)

This year, make him a great dinner. It's the thought that counts. :)

Happy Holidays! I'd like to give you a present by joining my giveaway. I'll be choosing the winner via so fingers crossed! Enter if you're interested. <3

Ashley said...

You are NOT a bad mommy! Even the best mommies need a break. And she needs a nap! At 16 months she is not old enough to skip a nap. So let her cry, she'll be no worse for the wear when she wakes up. I promise because I know from experience!

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