Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Pictures : Santa Edition

 This was Skylee's 1st Santa picture. Look how happy she was.
 This is the one my mom had made this year. At least she's not crying and Santa looks happy.
 This is the one I had made at Scotty's unit Christmas party. She wouldn't let me go, but I look good.
 This was our family picture. I just don't know what happened here. Or why couldn't the person taking the picture wait a min for me to put my finger down.
This was the best of all. It's nice to have at least one good picture. Look at the bear in the back, does he look a little mad to you? LOL

Nikki Darlin'


Closer to Lucy said...

Awww there all sweet. Santa pics are my the cry baby ones I have my lil peeps.

Found your link at Pitch it to me..follwing you now.

come by Lucy's if you get a chance.

Ashley said...

These are good! Except the one is too dark. But the last one is insanely cute!xo

Klove said...

They are all good memory pictures! XOXO

Short Leg Lucy said...

so adorable!! :]

Victoria {Victoria's Secrets} said...

So Cutee.

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