Thursday, November 18, 2010

She Better be Happy I'm a Lady ( adult wording in use )

Okay back story:
I woman added me as a friend on Facebook. I thought " oh she's just a friend of another girl I added on Facebook", so I added her. She starts messaging me about my poetry and a book she's writing. Okay cool I like books. Then she keep trying to add me on Yahoo messager. I don't add her because I'm like I don't know you why would I wanna set and chat with you?
After a month or more of talking to me, she sends a message saying, "Tell Scotty his old friend ______ says Hi." Okay so I ask how he knows her just so I know how to tell Scotty. She says from way back when at a skating ring. That right there says that he hasn't seen her in like ever I mean come on, whens the last time you went to a skating ring?
So I tell him, I even go as far as getting her number for him. I don't care if my husband talks to other women, as long as his coming home to me at night. So they start texting back and forth and all seems good. I try to become friends with the women because she "seemed" cool.
Present Day:
 Well guess what, she stops talking to me. I send her a message on Facebook an leave her comments. I even added her on Yahoo messager like she had been wanting and nothing.
I'm like really bitch you wanna talk to my husband but not me. Oh No! So I tell Scotty how she's acting. He agrees and says ok I won't talk to her anymore, but she keeps texting him.
What woman just talks to the husband and not the wife? One that's being a sneaky bitch, that's who. Oh and did I mention she is married. Yep the bitch is married. So now she is trying to talk to my husband and not talking to me and she is doing whatever with her husband.
Then she hits the last straw. I just the other day said how much my husband doesn't like when I'm online a lot. So this bitch goes and text him that I'm always on facebook. Really are we 14. So that causes me and the hubs to get into a fight. I start telling him all the stuff I do to make sure I'm not visible to people online and whatnot. Finally we see that she is doing all this to make us fight.
The End Bitch! She's not deleted off everything and out of my life. Now I know that funny saying on my very public blog, but I don't care if she reads this. Go ahead get all pisses over this and try something else. She better be happy I'm a Lady.

Just pisses me off that people are so low down, so skanky. You're married, I'm married so leave us alone.

Nikki Darlin'

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