Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Much Blogging

My husband says I'm on blogger too much. He says I'm reading every one's blog too much. Does anyone else have this problem?
He is the one who said I should start a web site for my poetry, so I did. Well it what started as a small poetry site turned into a mommy/wifey blog. I like it this way. I like being able to share my life and writing with the world. My only talent in life is writing. I wanted to paint, but I'm not too good at it. I wanted to draw, but nope not me. I even at one point wanted to be a tattoo artist and almost had my dad talked into letting me tattoo him. LOL!
Nothing really worked for me. I even went to school for medial billing because I didn't know what else I could do.
But I have found my passion. And that passion is blogging. I would love to have loads of followers and companies coming to me to do reviews for them. I would love to do giveaways and much more. I'm not there yet. I'm still trying to found my following and my followers. But one day I see me getting there, I hope anyways.
I don't spend all my time here. I just today cleaned the house and moved the chair and sofa to swipe and found some missing toys and enough Cheerios to make a whole new box. I got Skylee up from her nap and dressed her. Even though she would rather be naked. I even got some dishes washed. And to help out my hubby I hooked up the computer he talked our neighbor out of. Some where in there I got dressed and throw on some make-up. See I wasn't here all day.
I did add some fellow blogger's buttons to my right hand side bar, check that out! I also got my button up for people to grab, so grab away.

Nikki Darlin'


Toni Tralala said...

LMAO. I'm the same way. My husband says that I spend too much time on blogger and I agree with him. I just enjoy writing so much and since I'm not working at the moment, this occupies majority of my time.

He just wants to spend more time with you. ;)

Ash said...

That's super sweet, he's missing you while you spend a ton of time on us, your blogger friends (= jk. I don't necessarily say my husband even KNOWS what blog means - so he can't complain! haha. Actually, I've been blogging BEFORE him and I'm definitely an addict. But, I did lose touch with the world and now that I'm back i've got a weird adrenaline for blogging. I'm waiting until he says something. BWAHAHA.

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