Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving On Up!

Hey Loves!
I have been so in love with my blog. I've been adding new stuff and thinking of things everyone will like.
I have vamped the look of my blog page, added a button to grab, added buttons of blogs I love, and joined in a few blog link ups. I also started Operation Beautiful Tuesday (which I hope everyone joins in on this Tuesday). All in hopes to draw new people to my blog and gain a following.
I still have a small following, but I love my followers. You read my posting and even comment! I love it and enjoy seeing people take an interest in something I do. It feels really nice, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have now over 1000 hits on my page and that totally brings a smile to my face.
I am now in the works to getting some reviews going. I'm looking around for products that I can get for free  to do a review and maybe even some giveaways.
If you have any advice for me please let me know, PLEASE! This is hard.
Thank you all again for bring light to my day!

Nikki Darlin'


ZippyChix said...

Popping in from the LBS tea party. Almost did not pop in, cause skulls and crossbones scare me;) but then I saw your name and as it is the same as mine...I just had to click. Glad I did, I loved the pics of your family....beautiful baby and cute fur baby:) My thanks to your hubby for all of the great work that he does! If you go back to the tea party and look for the blog New York State of Mind (a few after your entry) she talks about products and way to integrate them into a site. Enjoyed the visit! Thanks.

JoJo said...

Following you back! I also consider myself to be a write who can't spell.
P.S You have a beautiful family!

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