Saturday, November 27, 2010

Godzilla was in our House

A few days ago I saw our puppy chasing something by the door. I made her stop and that's when I seen it. Godzilla run across the living room under a shelf. I freaked. I called my hubby then at work and told him I was freaking. He tells me to get the guy who lives next door to get it out if I was that scared. I was going to go get him, but then I decided I couldn't tell him where to find it. I wasn't going to put my face that close to see if it was still under there.
So hours went by and I was still freaking. I was wondering all the what if's. What if it got into our food? What if it got into Skylee bed while she was sleeping? What if it could bite? The next day rolled around and I had almost forgot it was there. Then there it was, setting in my kitchen.

Just setting there, staring at me. I called my husband once again and told him what was happening. All I got out of that was laughter in my ear. So being the sap I am, I was feeling bad because it looked at the window all sad. It wanted to go home. So being me again, I started talking to Godzilla.
I told him to stay put. That my husband would be home in a few hours and take him home. While being a lizard who didn't listen, he moved away from the window and I lost him again.
Then on Thanksgiving he reappeared. My oh so brave hubby, who had to use a jar because he didn't want to touch it, took him back outside. So now Godzilla is living happy in our front yard, being all lizardy and stuff.


Ashley said...

Hi Nikki, I found your blog through MBC and love following now. I can't even deal with that huge lizard in your house! Yikes!

FrugalCityGirl said...

I am following from MBC!!

I had a lizard in my shower. I am not sure how it got in there cause the shower door was closed. My hubby was working out of state that week so I called the neighbor at 10:30pm to get it out. She came over and just laughed at me.

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