Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween WHO-HA!!

Hi Loves!
So out of the need to practice driving. I forced the hubby to go to Party City. I was just going to look when the hubby started picking stuff out for Skylee. There were so many cute costumes that it was so hard to choose. I wanted her to be cute when Scotty wanted her to be scary. Everyone we agreed on they either didn't have it or they didn't have it in her size. Well drum roll please ....... we picked the little devil outfit.
So I told the teen guy working there what number on the wall I wanted and went and picked it up off the table. my plan was to have Skylee try it on before we bought it. Well Skylee had other plans. I took her in the dressing room which was a public bathroom. Scared she would touch the toilet I tried to put the devil outfit over her clothes. She was so excited about all the people and stuff she would not stead still. So I'm going on a guess that it will fit and bought it.
Scotty is wanting to scare kids this year. We live in a town with a billion kids. Our neighbor has the same plans as my hubby. So they are working together to scare as many kids as they can. With that said Scotty bought himself a werewolf mask. It's funny because the man's one fear, other than Pin Head from Hell Raiser, are werewolves.
I went with the classic mommy daughter matching outfits like I did last year. So I am going to be mommy devil. I very pretty mommy devil at that LOL.

I'm so excited for Halloween.  What are you guys going to be? Have you ever did a matching outfit with anyone? Let me know!!!

Nikki Darlin'

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