Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Super Amazon Shopper

I would like to self title myself as a super amazon.com shopper. I'm at the moment waiting on a book i bought for under $2, a cell phone case for $0.01, a SD card for my phone for under $2, and a three pack screen protectors for $0.96. Of course i had to pay shipping and handling but it was still better than paying the phone store $10 for one screen protector.
I'm thinking of doing alot of Skylee's Chirstmas shopping on amazon. Amazon came through last year when it came to Scotty buying Christmas gift from Afghanistan. I got a great flip video camera.

Other than my life on amazon, we had alot of rain and hail yesterday. Our car got the crap beat out of it. I guess we were lucky the hail wasn't that big. I seen some pictures on the news of some killer looking hail up in northern Georgia. But now it's super sunny again and cool feeling. Gosh I'm loving fall.

Nikki Darlin'

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