Monday, September 27, 2010

Smallville Presents a Superman in Progress [ Guest Blogger ]

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes
"Smallville," the CW series that creatively re-imagines the Superman story, is going into its tenth season this fall. I watch the show regularly on direct tv florida, though I've gotten a bit behind lately. Nonetheless, I love the way the series makes this classic superhero palatable for contemporary audiences.
Clark Kent is a freshman in high school as the series begins. Played by Tom Welling, he's not exactly the bumbling, bespectacled geek Christopher Reeve portrayed in the movie, but although he's burly from years working the farm, there is a definite awkwardness about him. He knows he's different, but he doesn't know why.
"Smallville" is the story of that process of discovery and how it is encouraged along by his deeply devoted adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent. Clark never becomes Superman in the series, but he routinely performs rescues, often at the expense of his personal happiness.
He allows very few people to learn of his abilities, as he worries that their knowledge could put them in danger. Nonetheless, he does have several close friends, most especially Chloe, a character added for the series. This plucky cub reporter is great at getting to the bottom of mysteries but wishes she could figure out her best friend.
I'll be sad to see "Smallville" come to a close this year. Superman has never looked quite so good.

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