Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Honorable Mention Poem and Bed Bugs

Good after noon loves. Hope everyone is having a good day. I have good new, I won honorable mention in a poetry contest. The poem was already posted on my poetry page, but just in case you haven't read it I reposted it. Please go read it. I'm very proud of myself.
In other news, have you heard about the bed bug invasion. It started out in New York and now it's spreading out. We now have them here in Atlanta. I'm kinda freaking out about it. This little bugs are scary. Their not just in hotels and bed their also in chairs, clothing store, and even movie theaters. There's store in New York shutting down now because of it.
I was just watching Racheal Ray and she had a whole special about it on her show today. She even had a guy come on and tell us the 101 about bed bugs and how to make sure you don't get them in your home.

Rachael Ray Bed bugs

Sorry to creep some people out with the bugs but I thought it was something everyone should be aware of.

and protect yourself

Nikki Darlin'

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