Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Change of Address [ Guest Blogger ]


Guest post written by Amy WatersonIt's so nice to actually get the magazines in the mail that I'm subscribing to now. But that's not the Post Office's fault or even the magazines that I subscribe to's faults, it's becuase I'm living in a nicer building now.
Well, I knew that living in NYC isn't for the faint of heart when I moved here. But never did I think that some of my neighbors in my apartment building would have the nerve to steal my magazines right out from under my nose but that's what happened.
That's why I was even more excited to move and get my CLEAR 4g internet bundle at my new place. Then I changed my address and have been getting the magazines I actually pay for, like Cosmo, Glamour and Vogue. It's kind of sad because I don't always get to read all of the stuff that's in them, but my favorite part about them is all the beauty advice.
Plus, reading those magazines make for a great coffee table accent and give me something to read on the train.

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