Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Late Birthday to Me.

ok I should have done this a week ago, but oh well.
Yes my birthday was July 18h and now I am 23 years old. And man do I feel it. LOL.
So the Saturday before my birthday we went to a concert to see Slipknot.
Oh yeah we look sexy LOL!

Omg it was so hot, I baked. My boobs even got burnt. LOL. 

After picture, look at that burn LOL. 

I am very loved at work!

Oh yeah I love me some donuts!

So the hubs took me out shipping for my birthday. I got to go to Rue21 I freaking love love love that store. 

I got this shirt and
this shirt and
this wallet!

My friend bought me a zombie shirt!
Oh how did she know I love zombies! LOL

And my mommy bought me a 
Monster High doll. I love her. Can't wait to collect more!

I also bought myself this bag, 
Mossy Oak is like a country girls parda. 
 I love it!

Then Scotty took me to Red Lobster. 
She liked the lobsters until one of the workers took one out. Then she said she didn't want to eat the "monsters" LOL.  

A few days there we went out to eat with the whole family. 
I was so happy my parents were there plus the in laws!

We went to the Golden Coral and oh yeah she liked the chocolate fountain. 

It was a great birthday!!!!! 

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tara said...

happy belated birthday! :)

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