Monday, May 21, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Out, and Duck Face Monday!

This weekend we went traveling around Atlanta. The hubs idea was to just get on the train and go. So that is what we did.
We started out with lunch/dinner at a cute diner.
This place was so yummy. And it looked like a old time diner, my favorite look. 
His not a picture taker. LOL.

Super yummy huge burgers. I couldn't even finish mine. 

We then got on the train and headed north. This was Skylee's 1st marta train ride that she could remember. She was so excited about the train. But once she saw it I think her hopes were kinda crushed. It wasn't like the trains she seen on TV. Then she got to ride the bus, as it took us to Atlantic Station. Atlantic Station is just a big shopping area in north Atlanta. It was loads of shops and places to eat. Super fun place if you have never been, or if you are visiting Atlanta. 

Then we got on the bus. 
When we got on the bus she asked where the seat belts were? LOL. She's so cute. 

When we got there we did find a real Choo Choo for her to ride. I think this was the best part of her day. 

After the train ride and some shopping, we heard they were playing a movie in the park. So we grab us a set and chilled out. 

This was the big blow up screen they had set up. Super cool. 

It was such a nice day. I loved sending time with just my little family. And the weather here in Georgia right now is the best!


Now in true Nikki fashion. 
Here's a Duck Face. 

Peace out Y'all!


Just Jen said...

Haha! This was great! Adore the duck face, sweets. It works on few, but you are one of those!

Jenn @The Blonde Who Reads
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TerinAleah said...

How fun! :) And the outside movie theater thing is awesome!!

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