Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting and New jobs!

Happy Wednesday people! Hope your all having a wonderful day.
Now on to the pretty pictures!

Just gorgeous. 
Did y'all hear that they are saying Megan Fox is now pregnant?
I did and I might have to now go on Megan Fox Baby Bump watch. 
Stay tuned we'll see. 

Ok now onto my new job. 
Yesterday was day 2 and my 1st day behind the counter. I had so much fun. The people are so nice and helpful and just plain fun to be around. We laughed the whole day. Never thought I wanted to go back into the food biz but it seems to be working out. 
Only down side is I gotta get my nails taken off and no more nail polish. I guess For Nail Files every Friday I'll be posting a picture of what I wish I could have done to my nails. * Super Sad Face* But the job is so good right now I don't think I really care too much. 

Also in other job type news. 
Southern Survival Charms  are up for making costume bracelets. 
I'll have the charms I have listed somewhere and you just let me know the color. 
It'll be 10.50, that includes S&H, for costume orders. 
So hop on over to our facebook page, link above, and place an order!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know who that daddy is but any baby coming out of Megan Fox is gonna be gorgeous

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